About Modern Reef

Welcome to Modern Reef! A brand created and used by one of the most prestigious 100% aquaculture coral farms in Europe, Euro Corals!

A complete and advanced state-of-the-art ICP, IC, reef aquarium laboratory, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, and reef aquarium products. With an intellectual website system to show lab results, using “chart” or “simple” view. It can find a maintenance and correction dosage for a deviated parameter, with a smart reefing guide for beginners, advanced setpoint tweak tools for experts, reef setpoint presets, and much more. All based on your water analysis, aquarium type, and equipment used to maintain a colorful and thriving reef aquarium easily and interactively.

Water analysis is conducted not only using ICP and Chromatography machines. We also use other professional lab-grade equipment, which we believe are better for some parameters as a confirmation. We offer one of the complete water analyses and technical data to improve and maintain a reef aquarium that you will ever find. You can count on highly trained and qualified personnel to ensure precise and fast results. Our laboratory can analyze all macro elements, nutrients, trace elements, and potential pollutants, with more than 50 parameters! These parameters also include water clarity (Turbidity) analysis to help you make the most advantage of your light and PAR. We are proud to say that we are the first to research and provide this service without an additional cost. Our 2 big labs with several machines per method allow us to deliver results in a full-time record of 24 hours. Our lab works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to ensure the fastest results in the market! This means that all our samples are considered priority number one without an additional cost.

Soft, LPS, SPS, NP, or Mixed reef aquariums have different needs. Therefore, some setpoints need minor tweaks for better results. Consequently, we have created some presets used by Euro Corals to help you achieve a beautiful and colorful reef aquarium. Or you can edit, follow, tweak, export, import, share and/or load any preset from a friend or our “MIMIC Reefs” successful reefers.

Each reef aquarium consumes a particular element more than the other. Therefore, correcting water chemistry alone is not enough. We have created a “Predict Maintenance Dosage” algorithm to maintain and control a more stable reef aquarium. It can calculate and find a maintenance dosage of a specific element or parameter based on your daily consumption. Then it will guide you on how much from a supplement to add to the “Modern Reef All-in-one Reef Keeping System” to keep it. This way, you can maintain specific parameters or setpoints based on your reef aquarium consumption using our 4 part dosing system. In other words, our method will adapt to all the different reef aquarium setups that we have nowadays out there and not the way around.

To make it more entertaining, we have created the “MIMIC Reefs” section for you. You don’t need to ask someone on social media “how” and “what” they do to maintain their beautiful reef aquarium anymore. Instead, you can follow the modern reef masters using our “Mimic Reefs” section. Our system will guide you to mimic their setup, presets, PAR used, and much more. Or become one by sharing Lab results, reef aquarium setup updates, and uploading data from your reef aquarium. The more “Mimics” and “likes” you get, the more chances you have to become an “MRM” (Modern Reef Master).

Modern Reef! The ultimate modern way of reef keeping.